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Take advantage of our tree service based in Rhoadesville & Fredericksburg, VA

Trees make excellent additions to both commercial and residential properties. They provide shade, add dimension to your landscape and can help prevent erosion. Unfortunately, some trees can do more harm to your property than good. Timmy's Tree LLC offers comprehensive tree service in the Rhoadesville and Fredericksburg, VA area. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning & topping. You can trust our team of certified arborists to keep the trees on your property healthy, and remove the ones you don't want.

Call 540-406-1247 right away for emergency tree removal in the Central VA area. We're available 24/7 to take care of your storm damaged trees.

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Tree Removal

If a tree poses a threat to your home, call right away for emergency tree removal.

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Tree Trimming

We'll keep your trees healthy with scheduled tree trimming.

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Tree Topping & Pruning

Count on us to get your overgrown trees down to a manageable size.

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View our photo gallery to see examples of our work in Central Virginia

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Why choose Timmy's Tree?

Timmy's Tree is dedicated to providing superior tree service to clients in Rhoadesville and Fredericksburg, VA, Central, VA and beyond. You can trust us to put your safety and the health of your trees first at all times. Here's why:

We're skilled:

we have years of tree service experience in the Rhoadesville & Fredericksburg, VA

We're professional:

we're always upfront about our costs, and we take pride in our prompt response time

We're affordable:

we keep our costs low without sacrificing our commitment to excellence

Call Now for 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in the Central Virginia area

We offer free stump grinding with every tree removal

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